TJ Walthall - Creative


Two spots for the "Hopenhagen" Climate Change Conference.

Coke was a large sponsor of our initiative and wanted to showcase their company's recycling effort.


Data is how IBM is making the world smarter. This is the global Smarter Planet anthem, all shot with LIDAR data.

IBM's YouTube page provided an opportunity to show the idea of data by using the channel's
actual analytics for navigation.


Banners used Google analytics data from the IBM YouTube channel to visualize its most popular videos.


Analytics data visual exploratory.

IBM had over 400 disparate YouTube channels they needed to move into one place. I wanted to do something
more surprising than a simple, "We're moving" message. I shot and edited this video in the office to encourage
users to visit the new channel.


Global TV and outdoor. If you can't get enough, more spots can be found on my Vimeo page.

Freshly- The Fresh Finding App

What if you could decide what to eat based on how fresh the food was? Freshly is an app that can tell
you what's freshest around you. Coming soon to the iTunes app store.

Icons created for posts of what's fresh for businesses.


Simple idea showing how fun it is to drink Kool-Aid, especially when it colors your tongue.




A personal art project depicting the different moods of neighborhoods in Manhattan based on color.
The entire project is up at

The spot in the East Village that inspired the idea.


The idea of this campaign was to show the world that Lotus was more than just an e-mail program.


In JFK International Airport contextual outdoor boards updated based on the forecast at the
destination city at the time of arrival.


On we ran a smart banner that was connected to visitor's search queries and served
a custom ad based on where they searched.


Not all media was "smart". This board refreshed every 6 seconds, so we ran a line about it.


Not many teens knew that some of their favorite candies were made by Wonka. So we created a Facebook app that
used augmented reality and packs of Wonka candy to mix music. Check it out at

We wanted to showcase the imagination behind Wonka candies by creating videos surrounding their
sponsorship at SLS (Street League Skateboarding) and Rob Dyrdeck.

Two videos were produced from different angles to sell the effect that this actually happened.
"Angle 2" was posted in response to online speculation that the first video wasn't real.

These are some of my favorite comments on the video from YouTube.


Tide Coldwater cleans your clothes just as well in cold water. This idea showed that washing with cold water
could save more than money on your utility bill.


Mobil 1

The first work BBDO New York did for one of Exxon's brands since we won the business. Mobil 1 was the first synthetic motor oil, proven to keep your engine running longer than conventional oils. The work showcases a car that has lived two lives.


Venmo is a mobile peer to peer payment app. It's great, but not a lot of people know about what it does. I created this video for the relaunch of Venmo's homepage that educated potential users about what Venmo does. I wrote, shot, edited, and even composed the score of the video.

IBM Watson

IBM is truly an amazing company doing amazing things. The Watson project took two years in development on the agency side. We looked at hundreds of data visual artists and talked to dozens more before hiring Joshua Davis to create an emotional, stage worthy and portable avatar for Watson. Below is an overview video of the entire project, and some imagery from the early stages of developing Watson's avatar with Joshua.