Content Production

I’ll occasionally pick up the camera and shoot something if the budget or timeline needs it or allows. Most of the content has been shot for social. Here is a collection of the pieces I’ve directed, shot and sometimes edited recently.

Music Video

Directed and edited with Jason Nitti for Rosie Mac. 

Mercedes IG Holiday Stories

We wrote and produced stories made for the IG stories functionality for the MBUSA IG feed. 

Zilker Brewery

We were planning a party before COVID hit and it never happened, but the video trailer for it did. 

RaceTrac Pizza

The marketing budget for RaceTrac Gas Station’s  pizza wasn’t huge so I directed and shot the commercial (along with a bunch of social content) myself.

Mercedes Doughnut Day Activation

I shot a trailer for the activation with a stunt driver and a two hundred thousand dollar benz, then drove around all the next day delivering doughnuts  to anyone who tagged us while editing content in the front seat. This was in June in Austin and by the end of the day my camera overheated. I would never do this again.