Lucky Paddle

Lucky Paddle is a Pickleball brand I’m thinking of officially launching…very soon.

I’ve got a bunch of paddles patiently waiting in my house, if you want one email me. I’ll give you the thanks-for-looking-at-my-website discount.

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Stereo Melon

Is a an idea for a VR gaming studio started  in collaboration with Jason Nitti. 

Stereo Melon is a metaphor for your brain—both parts of it. The left and the right. When they work in concert that’s when the magic happens. 

Thom Waffle

I started writing these quick little stories for interviews to showcase how I thought and just kept making them. 

I’ve self published a few which are available on Apple books. 

Check em out.

The Third Day

An anime musical piece of Biblical fan-fiction about Jesus in hell during the three days after his crucifixion.